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A Toxic Combination: Religion and Politics

Posted by Anthony on September 16, 2008

By Anthony J. Aschettino

One of the more interesting aspects of the current Presidential Election is the manner in which both candidates seem utterly determined to convince the voters that they are more religiously minded than their opponent. On the surface, there is nothing inherently odd about this: The United States, an anomaly to the statistics, is by far the most religious industrialized nation in the world. Religion in the United States tends to color every aspect of our lives, even for those who wish not to partake in such beliefs, for it is through these religious beliefs that our lawmakers justify their political views and thus the fruits of their labor are the results of those mustard seeds planted by a pastor many years ago. Read the rest of this entry »


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Sarah Palin: A Critical Analysis

Posted by Anthony on September 9, 2008

By Anthony J. Aschettino

With both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions finally over, the race for the White House can finally begin in earnest. For the better part of the next two months, both parties will be doing their all to convince America that they have the solutions for our ills and thus deserve a vote in November. It will be a groundbreaking election no matter which way the votes go, since either an African-American or woman will, for the first time in our history, be part of a winning ticket. Since Americans are mostly informed about three of the major players in this race, I thought I’d focus on the one person who is a virtual unknown but is nevertheless perhaps the most critical for the election: Sarah Palin. Read the rest of this entry »

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