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Giving Where it Matters

Posted by Anthony on December 16, 2008

By Anthony J. Aschettino

As the holiday season rolls around yet again, many people will use its advent to take stock of how their past year has gone. Sadly for many Americans, this past year has been one wrought with more trials and tribulations than have many for some time now. With an economy in seeming freefall and the job market either frozen or contracting, it is perhaps not a time when one of the biggest holiday traditions of all seems terribly relevant: that of giving to those less fortunate, whether it be food, clothing, or simply money. Indeed it is difficult to ask an individual to donate to charity when it seems that every dollar is needed now at home, or might possibly be needed in the near future due to uncertain job prospects or a myriad of other quandaries that seem to strike the American individual and family with an alarming regularity these days. Read the rest of this entry »


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Evolution as Reality

Posted by Anthony on December 8, 2008

By Anthony J. Aschettino

It has been eighty-three years since the landmark “Scopes Monkey Trial” in Tennessee brought a legal challenge to that state’s Butler Act which effectively banned the teaching of evolution in public schools. Although John Scopes, the teacher and defendant in the trial, lost, it set in motion a long process that culminated in 1968 with the Supreme Court ruling in Epperson v. Arkansas that such laws as the Butler Act violated the Establishment Clause. While that should have been the end of the story, those who oppose the teaching of evolution have never really stopped trying to undermine the Constitution in their efforts to reintroduce the teaching of Biblical Creationism in the classrooms of America’s schools. Their latest efforts focus on nebulous ideas such as “intelligent design” and seemingly democratic ideals in phrases like “teach the controversy”. They have mostly faced setbacks, but they have had their victories as well and it remains to be seen if they will succeed in their labors to roll back the clock on science education in this country. Read the rest of this entry »

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Enough of this Radical Islam

Posted by Anthony on December 2, 2008

By Anthony J. Aschettino

The recent coordinated attacks by Islamic militants in India on November 27th were simply the latest in a long string of attacks, dating back decades now, which remind the world of the most dangerous current threat to global civilization: Radical Islam. Though there are many who would like to pretend that these attacks, and others in their vein, are politically motivated, or are perpetrated by those who are bereft of any other means of protestation, the reality exists that they are religiously motivated and that those who enact such terrorist acts do so with their intentions firmly couched in their religious faith. Read the rest of this entry »

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