Quid Rides? De te Fabula Narratur

What are you laughing at? The joke's on you.

As You Sow…

Posted by Anthony on July 16, 2015

In a conversation with a moderate Republican the other day (yes, they still do exist though they are certainly on the endangered species list), I was asked with all sincerity what is to be done about Trump and his recent poll surges. Certainly, this individual asked with palpable concern, there was no way that he could win the nomination much less a national election, was there? After all, his rhetoric was bordering on the ludicrous; his message was appalling to the vast majority of Americans, or at least one should hope it was. My answer was somewhat less comforting than the individual would have liked it to be.

I explained with all sincerity that Republicans have nobody but themselves to blame for this latest catastrophe. For the last twenty or so years, FOX News and various right wing personalities have been spewing forth a litany of condescension and moral outrage about perceived slights to America committed by “those people” as well as stoking anger, fear, and resentment in mainly white America. Now this creation of theirs has taken shape, embodying all of the ills they have built into it and, much like the titular character in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, they find themselves unable to control it.

Multiple Republicans have spoken out condemning “The Donald” for his odious remarks involving Mexicans in particular, poisoning the well of what the Republicans had hoped could be a real discussion on immigration reform. Yet one cannot help but notice Trump moving up in the polls as well as garnering the typical responses from people who insist that “he’s not afraid to speak his mind!” and of course that “he’s not a politician which is why we can trust him to do what’s right!” Their real fear is that his message will resonate with the primary voters in those deeply conservative states and launch him onto the national stage with momentum. As far as debates are concerned, I fear that his reality-show personality will only excite the base and serve as further proof that he is not a “RINO” like Jeb or someone willing to (move the fainting couch nearby!) walk arm in arm with a Democratic President to get financial aid for his state in the aftermath of the worst natural disaster to befall it in quite possible the last hundred- odd years.

There are still many who feel that this temporary euphoria over a belligerent character will give way to more sensible alternatives once things get fully into gear. Even more will point out that without massive external backing even the richest of candidates find it impossible to fully fund their own presidential aspirations over the course of any long period of time. If that should be the case (and concerning money, politics almost ALWAYS follows the Golden Rule in that he with the gold makes the rules), Jeb needs only to keep the course and wait until this blowtorch runs out of gas.

Having said that, I think this is an excellent opportunity to take stock of what kind of politician the GOP has created over the last two decades. In the coming years, with demographics changing (the source of an entirely new post to be sure), the angry older, white, Christian base will wither away at an ever- increasing rate and yet they seem determined to continue down the path they have chosen with reckless abandon. There is no greater example of the ultimate end result than the most improbably legitimate candidacy of Donald J. Trump.


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