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Identifying the True Abomination

Posted by Anthony on August 7, 2015

Jerusalem Gay Pride Stabbing

“If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.”

– Leviticus 20:13

This past Thursday, during a Gay Pride march in Jerusalem, an ultra-Orthodox Jew ran through the crowd brandishing a knife and using it to indiscriminately stab and slash at anyone within arms-reach. A terrible act, but one to which he was no stranger: he had just been released, weeks prior, from an Israeli prison for doing the exact same thing at a Gay Pride march in 2005. During that attack he managed to wound three people; during last week’s he stabbed six one of whom, sixteen-year old Shira Banki, has died of her wounds.

To their credit, the Israeli government was swift to condemn the attack in no uncertain terms with both Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Rivlin speaking out on the basic rights for an individual in Israel to live in security however they wish to live their lives. Even the Anti-Defamation League in New York spoke out condemning the attack and praising the open and tolerant attitude expressed towards the LGBT community in Israel.

So what then is the real root of this problem? What causes a man to charge into a peaceful march and begin attacking people? One could certainly suggest that he was mentally unstable, or even insane, but one would think that were this the case that he would have been identified as so by the Israeli authorities after his previous attack. No, sadly the answer to this lies all too readily visible by the very nature of his belief system: he is a radical adherent to a religious ideology that condemns homosexuality and calls for its punishment by death.

That he is an ultra-Orthodox Jew is almost irrelevant: radical Christians in the United States would ban homosexual acts if they thought they could and, in Africa for example, are behind funding to try and get countries such as Uganda to pass legislation making homosexuality punishable by death. Radical Muslims are no different as one only has to look to Afghanistan to witness men being thrown off of buildings as punishment for their homosexual acts. The common thread here is evident: the literal interpretation of these ancient texts as having unalterable divine instructions is the root cause of an inordinate amount of pain, suffering, and evil actions today in the world.

When an individual believes that killing in the name of a god is acceptable, it creates the situation wherein a normally rational individual might not only decide to commit murder but, perhaps only slightly less odious, that he might sit back and accept/ condone the murder taking place. I have no doubts at all that Mr. Schlissel believed he was carrying out his god’s work when he attacked the participants in 2005; moreover, I am certain he had a sense of shame that he wasn’t able to fulfill the dictates of Leviticus, an effort to which end was made this past week with slightly more success. He will sit in a jail cell for the foreseeable future, possibly for the rest of his life, with the satisfaction that he has done the work of his god and that some kind of reward awaits him once he has shuffled off this mortal coil.

Civilized societies pride themselves on the fact that they entertain a wide variety of opinions, many of which they may not agree with at all. That is, in so many ways, the ultimate sign of a progressive society. Yet even with the word “toleration” we find a problem: to “tolerate” someone, or some cause, means only that you are willing to suffer that it exists. If a society “tolerates” homosexuality it by no way means that it has accepted homosexuals as equal members of that society; it only means that they are willing not to kill them or discriminate in a horrible manner against them. This is not acceptance, nor is it a sign that the individuals at question here have been made an equal part of the society.

The real issue here is that an individual or group who believes in these archaic texts leads to exactly what unfolded this Thursday past in Jerusalem just as it results in people being thrown off walls, young women being murdered because of “honor”, doctors being assassinated for the legal exercise of their practice, and the overall retardation of progressive movements worldwide. One cannot separate out the words by verse; he must hold that all of it is divinely inspired or none of it is, and therein lies the rub for all of this. When individuals feel that they have a divine mandate to commit horrible acts against their fellow man, and can feel justified in doing so because their god has ordered it, we see a civilization in decline. It is no real wonder that humanities greatest achievements tend to come when religion takes a back seat to science and secularism; rather, we find that when humanity has tended towards not a radical interpretation of the texts, but rather a radical implementation of what is already written that atrocities against the nature of man tend to develop.

In the end, there are many who will never give voice to what they feel in their hearts and that is a sort of approval for what has happened in Jerusalem. Behind closed doors, and only in like company to their own prejudices, there will be those smug smiles and shrugging shoulders that implicitly condone acts like this in the hopes that it will influence the narrative towards their own religious beliefs. That, my friends, is the true abomination: a society where texts written by men and ascribed to a god hold sway in lieu of logic, reason, rational thought, and basic human decency. We must do all we can to ensure that such a place ever only exists only in the deranged minds of these religious zealots.




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