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When the Pro-Life Fan Club Kills

Posted by Anthony on December 3, 2015

I'm so pro-life I'll kill anyone who disagrees with me...

I’m so pro-life I’ll kill anyone who disagrees with me…

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear from the outset: abortion is one of the most divisive issues in the United States today and will be in the foreseeable future. It lines up two very potent forces against one another: those who believe that a woman has the right to decide what goes on in her own body, and those who believe that life begins at conception. Since Roe v. Wade, there has been a struggle in American society to either protect or overturn that ruling and the acts of the past week have only solidified the entrenched opposites in their quest to see total victory for their cause.

The pro-life (so called) side has relied on means both fair and foul to try and eradicate abortion in the United States. They have pushed through legislation aimed at putting clinics that provide women’s health out of business; they have increase the rhetoric to a point where the blood-seeking froth spills over their microphones and washes down into the millions of listening, yearning ears who seek their guidance. They hurl about terms like “genocide” and “baby-killers” and “murderers” at anyone who would enter a Planned Parenthood seeking medical attention.

In the United States we have, thankfully, a constitutionally protected right to Freedom of Speech. One can voice his or her opinion on virtually anything, no matter how out of favour the opinion, with the knowledge that our laws act as Voltaire would have: although the laws may not agree with what you are saying, they will defend to the end your right to say it. Certainly there is space in the forum of open discussion for the voices of those who claim to act in the name of the unborn. They have that right, and the right to try as they may to convince women not to have abortions.

What they do not have is the right to suborn murder, which is what they are all too often guilty of doing. These radicals spew their message of hate and disguise it as a message of love: they act as veritable wolves in sheep’s clothing. They provide the gun, load it, place it in the hands of their adherents, aim it for them, and then feign shock when someone follows through to the logical outcome of such a scenario. There is no mistake here, no confusion. They get exactly what they want by the use of third-party terrorism. It saves the likes of those Republicans and Christians who pour their vitriol into every microphone they can find from being culpable in the most literal sense of the fruits of their words.

The war on Planned Parenthood is a war on women, make no mistake about it and do not let the protestations of so called “feminists” who condemn it sway your mind. Planned Parenthood provides tremendous services often to women who would have no other options were it not for them, especially in lower economic regions. Were they really serious about trying to end abortions in the United States, these conservative hypocrites would be lauding Planned Parenthood for the contraceptive options they provide women: after all the less unplanned pregnancies, the less potential for abortions.

This is all, however, a convenient disguise for their overall objective: to punish women for being sexually active. Nothing new here, as this has been understood on the left for some time now. Denying women access to the means of control over their own reproductive system is essential in their efforts to relegate women to a second-tier citizen. What Planned Parenthood has done, an unforgivable offense to the puritanical conservatives in this country, is provide women with choices about how they wish to manage their sexual habits and reproductive rights. It has allowed women to be sexually active without the worry of pregnancy and it has allowed them to be active in monitoring their own sexual health.

What has happened in Colorado is not an isolated incident as it must be read in the context of the greater movement to demonize Planned Parenthood and women’s reproductive rights across the board. While Republican candidates condemned the act (the killings specifically), there is no question that they silently nodded in approval in the hopes that it would discourage people from using these facilities. This is, let us be frank, terrorism defined most excellently. Do not be surprised if some of these fringe politicians and demagogues begin calling for the shuttering of Planned Parenthood facilities on the grounds that they attract terrorism; the conservative right (Christian as it is in this flavor) is well versed in the “blame the victim” mentality.

As a free country, as a country that values individual rights, we must call this latest rampage out for what it is: not the deranged act of some “lone wolf” individual, but the logical outcome of hate speech and rhetoric from the Christian Right. We here have long spoken positively of Planned Parenthood and we see no reason to cease that today; in fact, the need to support them in their fight against tyranny over women’s reproductive rights, and indeed their personal freedoms, is paramount. We say to all lovers of freedom: stand with Planned Parenthood and against terrorism.


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