Quid Rides? De te Fabula Narratur

What are you laughing at? The joke's on you.

Step By Step

Posted by Anthony on February 13, 2017


Don’t mind what we’re doing, it’s all for your safety citizen…

As we delve ever deeper into the rabbit hole of the Trump Presidency, several issues become more clear: that President Trump is trying to run the United States of America as he does his own personal businesses, that there is a clear disdain for any opposition by the current regime and that they are hell-bent on stifling it, that the current regime is engaging in kleptocratic measures, and that the Republicans realize that there is nothing the Democrats can do to stop them and therefore this is their one chance to reformat the government to their liking.

There are many who point at this regime as one that is quickly moving down the path of authoritarianism. They are not wrong, as many of the regimes actions are steps in that vein. The war on the media in order to render facts as up for debate, the “fake news”, and the use of social media to reach directly to the people with an “alternative” version of events is lock-step in line with the first stages of installing a totalitarian regime. With a pliant legislative branch in the initial few years, little has to be done on that front although plans will doubtless be made on how to deal with them should they either waver from their commitment or fall in elections to the opposition party. Attacks on the judiciary are next, and we can see these being done now: referring to judges as “so-called”, attacking the judiciary as “political”; all of this is meant to undermine the public’s faith in this one branch that is traditionally above sectarianism and factional politics.

Trump and his regime have already begun planting the seeds of an “us versus them” mentality, and this is likely to both continue and escalate over the coming years. One must remember that the subjugation of a particular class does not occur overnight; the Holocaust did not begin in 1933 when Hitler took power but rather it required several years of increasing paranoia and dehumanization before the time was right to open the death camps.

The starting point is when you create a sense of fear among people. You get them to believe that there are forces arrayed against them in the world on multiple levels. It’s the fault of the Mexicans that you don’t have a job. Muslims are a fifth column just waiting to launch waves of suicide bombings all over the country. It is essential that we act to protect the country from all enemies both foreign and domestic. These are the ways that the regime creates not only a fear of the other but also the mindset that only they can save us from the abyss.

Right now, the regime is railing against the judiciary in an effort to convince the populace that a) the judiciary is politically biased and easily subject to manipulation by the “other”, and b) that they are acting against the best interests of the country and as such should be removed by one means or another. With Congress being completely in the hands of the Republican Party, the judiciary is the only power left that can stop them from simply ruling by fiat. Therefore, it must be either destroyed (ideally), or compromised to the point where people no longer have faith in the judiciary or, even better, where members of the judiciary are compelled to toe a particular party line for fear of being removed from their positions. It only takes a few years of this fear in order to push through all of the legislation that one needs in order to radically reshape the United States of America.

The next step after this will be the introduction of legislation that prohibits public demonstrations and/ or declares certain acts (and the groups that sponsor them) against the “public safety”. It is exactly those words that will be used in order to suppress dissent and ensure that the regime can either jail its opposition or cow them. After all, France had its Comité de salut public during the most intense period of the revolution, where individuals such as Robespierre sent thousands to the guillotine all for the safety of the state.

For now, individuals must rally to the judiciary. We must convince them that they are the last safeguard of the republic and the bastion behind which we will rally in our attempts to halt this degradation of democracy. If they stay this madness, we can yet hope for salvation. If they do not, we face the long bleak descent into an authoritarian regime that will not only change the way we view ourselves as citizens of the United States but also how the West will confront attempts to undermine liberal institutions around the globe. Let us hope they have the courage and stamina to do so.



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