Quid Rides? De te Fabula Narratur

What are you laughing at? The joke's on you.


This blog is a continuation of my (Anthony J. Aschettino) weekly column “Quid Rides? De te Fabula Narratur” for the Rutgers Observer (Newark). I conceived of it as a way to keep the column going over the summer as well as to put additional writings and links of interest to my readers.

In the years that have followed I have tried to keep the blog going, sometimes with success and sometimes with large gaps between writings. As of now (Summer, 2015), I have re-committed myself to ensuring that the blog updates regularly. I write articles on a very wide variety of subjects because quite frankly a very many things interest me and I find them worthwhile for my articles.

As for me, I have a BA in Middle East Studies from Rutgers University (New Brunswick, 2001) and an MA in History from Rutgers University (Newark, 2010). My thesis was titled Defining a Muslim : the Munir Report and Shia-Sunni relations in Pakistan, 1947-1953. It is available at the John Cotton Dana Library on the Newark Campus.

The name of the blog, “Venus Victrix” means “Venus, Bringer of Victory” in Latin. It was a common appellation for the goddess and was Julius Caesar’s codeword for his battle against Pompey at Pharsalus.

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