Quid Rides? De te Fabula Narratur

What are you laughing at? The joke's on you.

Social Networking?

In this day and age, it is entirely reasonable to express a sense of puzzlement at why an individual would not have several avenues of social media by which he or she might promote themselves. I have long struggled with this: on the one hand, I value very much my privacy and especially so these days when it is something most companies assume one has given up to be part of the larger community. I have not, which is why I do not have a Facebook page.

Having said that, I feel that it is time I created a Twitter profile in order to help get the word out about my writing as well as other possible things I find of interest. In a time when Neil deGrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins can register 5 million followers while Miley Cyrus can top 21 million, one could be excused for not wanting to dip his toe into the pool. Yet we must move with the times… it did the Janissary soldiers no good to refuse to modernize and I do not wish the same fate.

I can currently be followed on Twitter:



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